Give Thanks on Thanksgiving


In the US and some parts of the world, it’s the time of the year to give thanks. With Earth about to complete another lap around the Sun, many have also begun to reflect on …

The Continuous Evolution of the Meaning of Running

We received a message and an inquiry. The former made me happy. The latter allowed me to gain clarity.

Let’s start with the jolly message. The sender, a former teacher of mine…

Experience Something You’ll Never Forget

What did you do on Saturday, September 3rd?

Or what did you do for lunch last Monday?

Can you remember off the top of your head?


I’m a creature of routine. Most days, I wak…

Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Breed Like Rabbits

What is your Monday morning routine?

Feeling a bit sluggish…sure can use another half hour of sleep. You’re packing your work bag, which reminds you of the workweek ahead… a propos

RUNIVORE DREAM RACE — What kind of videos should I make?

So far over 70 runners have registered for the RUNIVORE Dream Race video contest and entries have been coming in since mid-April. We are getting some inquiries about what kinds of v…