Experience Something You’ll Never Forget

What did you do on Saturday, September 3rd?

Or what did you do for lunch last Monday?

Can you remember off the top of your head?


I’m a creature of routine. Most days, I wak…

How to Choose Energy Gels?


“If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you give him a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime.”

We lead different lives, are born with diverse athl…

Why do Energy Gels Upset Your Stomach?

In super-duper layman’s terms, an upset stomach occurs when you have solid food or fluids in your gastrointestinal system that are not processed properly. So why is this su

Review: Pure Energy Gels, Poor Flavor Yet Fast-Reacting


I’ve been hearing good things about Pure Sports Nutrition and its energy gels made with “real ingredients.” Founded in 2012, The New Zealand-based co…

Energy Gel Dos and Don’ts


Your fueling strategy should be personalized, including how and when to consume energy gels. There are some general guidelines, but it takes practice and trial and error t

Review: Beet It Sport Nitrate 400, Pre-Race “Energy Gel”


Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 is not an energy gel officially. Still, I’ve used it as one because of its compact size, carbohydrate content, natural ingredients and text…

Energy Gels vs. Energy Bars, When to Eat What?

Energy gels are better. They give you a quick boost in a super compact, energy-dense package. Energy bars are better. They’re tastier, leave you satisfied, and provide mor…

Fuel From Real Foods – 5 All-Natural Energy Gels We’ve Tried and Liked

There are two schools of thought.

Sugar is sugar. The source doesn’t matter because the human body will metabolize it into glycogen regardless.


Natural over synthetic.

Review: Honey Stinger Organic Energy Gels, Instant Surge


There are a plethora of energy gels on the market, and more players are entering the sports fuel scene every year with new technologies and gimmicks. I’ve personally …

Review: What is SiS Isotonic Energy Gel? Hype or Real Deal?

Not gonna lie. I had to look up “isotonic” (SAT verbal wasn’t my forte).

Here’s the definition:

Isotonic solution: A solution that has the same salt concentration as

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