Heat Slayer – Tropical Chia Smoothie

Tropical Chia Smoothie

With the average temperatures ranging somewhere between 35 and damn hot. We thought it might be a good time to share a quick refreshing drink recipe with you. Besides the obvious be…

Get it Done

I will turn 38 end of this year.

I know it’s not really that old, but certainly not young. Although the increasing amount of grey hair didn’t all translate to wisdom, after a few decad…


3 Dudes Back

It’s been a while since we completed a 100km ultra in March 2013. Due to personal issues, career changes and injuries, we haven’t been able to set the next challenge or update regula…

CLARENCE DEMAR – A Runivore Who Owned Boston


“Can’t keep a good man down.” – Alabama 

Clarence DeMar is another forgotten legend runner of our past. The story of Clarence is one that comes to mind when I hear of a runner being to…

Explore Your Backyard – Trail Run & Hike

Explore Your Backyard

It started when we were asked by our Alumni organization at NCCU to put together a hike or a run – something to get the city folk outdoors and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. W

Runivore Is Looking For Interns

Do you have what it takes to be a Runivore Intern?


We are looking for a part-time Runivore Intern to help us improve our online presence in Taiwan. The candidate should already be a Ru…

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