Reminding ourselves the meaning of Runivore

We’re not gonna lie. The past 12 months were tough — from transitioning to new overseas distribution partners, losing a very capable intern to grad school in Beijing and a sc…

On the Road

This article is a contribution from our cycling and triathlon adviser July.

Back in Taiwan, I got on the road immediately. Or to say it in another way: started with a very busy progra…

Happiness Happens When You Run


In January 2015, Andy, Tom and Will were at a café (we didn’t have an office then) plotting out the rest of the year by first rewriting our mission statement. We quickly determ…

The Devil Made Me Do It

Rod and I connected via our running blogs in 2012. Although he lives in Toronto and me in Taiwan, we have supported each others’ running missions over the years. It’s g

Makes no sense

Ultra Taiwan 100 is less than two months away!?! It dawned on me yesterday.

When I apply common sense to my running (very rare), trotting for 24-30 hours and 100km in the mountains re…

Deep Down, We All Want to do Something Great

“I want opportunities to do effective work or cool work, preferably both at the same time,” I told my ex-boss in an exit meeting a few years ago.

“Effective work serves real purpose a

Get it Done

I will turn 38 end of this year.

I know it’s not really that old, but certainly not young. Although the increasing amount of grey hair didn’t all translate to wisdom, after a few decad…