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台北極限後花園繞圈賽是一個經 Backyardultra.com 網站認證, 在世界各地都有舉辦的極限挑戰之台灣站!

This is the Purest Challenge of Mental Toughness


Running 6.706km in one hour is not too difficult. Most runners can do it no problem. But are you willing to run 6.706km in one hour over and over and over again? This race takes speed out of the equation, and put your mental game on trial. Come test your mettle, if you dare.

一小時跑 6.706公里並不困難,大部份的跑者都可以做到。但是你願意一次又一次再一次用一小時跑完 6.706公里嗎?速度並不重要,心肺體能不是重點,就看你有沒有勇氣再出發跑一圈,徹徹底底將意志力推至邊緣,你有這份氣魄嗎!?!

What is Backyard Ultra?

Backyard Ultra is a form of ultramarathon where runners must consecutively run the distance of 6.706km (4.167 miles) in less than one hour. When each lap is completed, the remaining time within the hour is typically used to recover for the next hour’s race. The race ends when only one runner remains – all the other runners have quit or unable to continue. 

On January 13th, 2024, 12:00 PM sharp, the race is returning to Taipei. We’ve prepared a race that has a bit of riverside and a bit of trail to keep it interesting。

後花園極限繞圈賽是超馬的另類型態,所有跑者必須在一個小時內完成6.706km (4.167 英哩) ,完成後的剩餘時間將是你唯一的休息時間,下一個小時的整點,大家必須再次出發再跑一圈,這個比賽沒有預定的結束時間。比賽結束的時間就是當其他跑者都放棄了,只剩下一位參賽者。

2024年1月13日 12:00 PM,Backyard Ultra 的路線將包含河濱步道與土徑。

Backyard Ultra Banner -with logo of skull and motto One more loop.

Taipei Backyard Ultra Details

台北 Backyard Ultra 資訊

We’ve tried to limit the elevation of the 6.71km-loop (4.1667 mile) while still providing a course that is pleasing to the eyes. You’ll be running mostly on paved paths with a few hills and over 2 pedestrian bridges.

我們盡力把可跑性提升(減少爬升)同時設計一條結合天然地形的 6.71公里路線。有柏油路、有小坡還有美麗的行人天橋。

The event is organized by Runivore, hosts of Explore Your Backyard trail race series and Beat the Sunset endurance event. We’re very excited to bring together top endurance athletes from Taiwan and abroad.

由 Explore Your Backyard 與 Beat the Sunset 主辦 Runivore 為大家引進一場獨一無二的耐力和意志力挑戰,邀請國內外的耐力好手共襄盛舉。

We plan on growing this event so that the winners can qualify for regional and global championships. 


Taipei Backyard Ultra follows the rules as specified by Lazarus Lake (aka LAZ – founder of the famous Barkley Marathons) and the team at backyardultra.com

The rules are simple.

1. Runners will run the 6.71 kilometer (4.1667 mile) loop every hour until just one person is standing. The significance of the distance is that if you complete 24 hours of the backyard ultra – you will have run 100 miles (a significant achievement in ultra running). 

2. Once the loop starts, you have one hour to complete it. You can run it in 30 minutes or 59 minutes…but that’s not the point. You must be back to the start line within one hour or you’re disqualified.

3. If you finish early, you have a bit of time to rest and refuel.

4. You just must be in the start corral when the next hour starts. if you’re not, you are eliminated.

5. If you do not finish within the hour, you are eliminated from the race. You must also report to the race timing marshal if you no longer want to continue.

6. The race ends when there is only one last runner able to run the final lap. Meaning – all the other runners have dropped out of the race.

台北後花園極限繞圈賽遵守Lazarus Lake(世界後花園繞圈賽及巴克利極限馬拉松的創辦者)及其團隊backyardultra.com.


1. 以一小時跑完 一圈 6.71公里,直到剩下最後一位跑者為止。

2. 每圈計時開始後,跑者必須在一小時內回到會場,你可用30分鐘或59分鐘完成,但速度不是重點。

3. 跑完一圈回到會場,可以利用剩下的時間休息、補給。

4. 每小時的整點,你必須站在起跑線上。如果不在場,則會被淘汰。

5. 如過在一小時內無法完成一圈,也會遭到淘汰。如果你決定棄權不再跑下一圈,請務必告訴我們的工作人員

6. 比賽將在剩下最後一位跑者時結束,最後一位堅持到底的跑者也要完成最後一圈才算勝出。

What's Included with Registration | 比賽包含什麼呢?

Taipei Backyard Ultra Course Overview

Nice views of Taipei’s famous YangMingShan as well as Taipei 101. Riverside course with lots of views of nearby nature.

The Course Map for Taipei Backyard Ultra | 後花園極限繞圈賽賽道地圖

The venue for Taipei Backyard Ultra will be set up at a coffee shop right under Shezi Bridge (社子大橋), a popular biker pit stop. 


Read About Previous Taipei Backyard Ultra Edition | 看一下上次台北後花園極限繞圈賽的介紹

The previous edition of Taipei Backyard Ultra coverage in Running Notes. 上一屆後花園極限繞圈賽在跑步筆記上的報導

You can also see the results from 2023 on webscorer.

The inaugural class of Taipei Backyard Ultra and the winner – 康庭瑞 Ray (TINGJUI KANG) – who could have kept going for many more laps but ran out of competition. 

Sponsorship Opportunities | 歡迎大家成為我們的贊助商

Please contact us for opportunities to be part of this epic event. We welcome prize support as well as nutrition to help keep these dedicated runners going for as long as possible. You can reach out to tom (at) runivore.com for information on supporting Taipei Backyard Ultra.

我們歡迎大家蒞臨於我們聯絡喔,並贊助我們的這次經典的比賽歡迎大家贊助獎項及營養補助品可以到我們的網站上面與Tom 或Lily 聯絡

Volunteer Opportunities | 報名參加成為志工

We are looking for a few dedicated volunteers to help make Taipei Backyard Ultra a truly awesome event. Sign up at our volunteer page to join the Backyard Ultra team.


Questions | 有疑問嗎?

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