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(English below)

Taipei Backyard Ultra 活動須知


1. 我們更換了活動場地與修改了路線(加長了天然地形的路段)。 會場改為 浮洲兒童遊戲場新路線地圖請點選

2. 活動將於 2023年 1月14日 7:00am 準時起跑。

3. 報到從 5:30am 開始,請早點抵達完成所需程序。

4. 6:45am 宣布活動規矩與一些小提醒。

5. 這是一場「靠自己」的活動。我們只會提供簡單的補給(水、飲品、零食)

6. 我們不提供塑膠杯。請記得自行準備杯子、水壺、容器。

7. 請自行處理垃圾。自己製造的垃圾請麻煩帶走。

8. 椅子、桌子、補給品、水、防寒防水衣物、睡袋睡墊…任何能幫助你跑更久更遠、熬過漫漫長夜的物資,請自行準備。

Taipei Backyard Ultra Pre-Event Info

Please read carefully!!

1. We have changed the venue and adjusted the route to include more natural terrain sections. The event begins at Fuzhou Children’s Park and here is the new course.

2. Taipei Backyard Ultra will begin at 7:00am sharp on Jan 14, 2023.

3. Check in begins at 5:30am. Come early to ensure you have sufficient time to get ready.

4. Pre-event announcement will be at 6:45am – rules and some reminders.

5. This is a self-supported event. But we will prepare some basic water, beverages, and snacks.

6. This is a plastic cup-free event. Bring your own cups, water bottles, and containers.

7. Please deal with your own trash. Take all wastes that you have created with you when you leave.

8. Camping chairs, warm clothes, waterproof gears, water, fuel, folding tables, sleep pads, sleep bags…anything that will help you go the distance and get through the night are recommended.