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That “Got-Off-Work-Late” Run


The weather should be nice, according to your weather app — clear night with a gentle autumn breeze.

You can’t wait to get off work at six on the dot, lace up, and hit the road for a gentle 10k.

You’re deep in thought about whether to get a quick taco dinner or just take an energy gel before the run when the boss calls an unscheduled meeting at 530pm. If you don’t know how long a minute can be, try sitting in a late meeting and stealing glances at your watch.

A well-oiled routine disrupted by life’s unexpected. You get home much later than planned.



Now extra hungry and staring at the opened fridge, you look at the clock and calculate that if you go on that run, it means a much later bedtime than usual. It’s gonna be a tired, grumpy workday tomorrow.

“Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No….

You employ the tried-and-true trick passed down by generations of runners: let’s run for at least 15 minutes and see…

Mustering up some much-needed motivation (a mix of self-discipline and fear of the upcoming marathon), you slam down an energy gel (not quite that taco you had in mind) and make it out into the cool night.

Getting out the door is half the battle. “I’ll just do the shorter loop and run faster to wrap it up early,” you mutter.

You begin with tired and uninspired legs. A few minutes later, you hit your stride and enter a groove. 2km turn into 5km then turn into 7km and all of sudden, 10km D.U.N.

Sweating in your living room with a sense of accomplishment and chugging a glass of water, you say to yourself, “the day wasn’t so bad after all.”


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