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That “Saturday Morning” Run

You’ve been looking forward to this run since Wednesday. A run that will allow you to leave behind the hectic week. No time constraint or urgent responsibilities afterwards, so you can run to your heart’s delight.

While others are still in bed or struggling to wake up, you are already sweatin’, stridin’ and kickin’ off the weekend the healthy and happy way. It might be on a trail, around a track, in a park or along the neighborhood streets…either way, you have a smile on your face.

You recall a conversation before taking off from work Friday afternoon:

Colleague: What’s your plan for Saturday?

You: Meeting some running buddies early tomorrow morning for a run.

Colleague: I’m tired just thinking about it. I’m gonna sleep in. Just curious, how far do the average person run on weekend mornings.

You: The average person doesn’t run on weekend mornings.



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