To eat or not to eat before a workout?

As with most topics widely discussed on the Internet these days, expert opinions vary and credible scientific research supports both sides.

Confusion ensues.

However, as with all things related to sports nutrition and training, it’s more art than science.


A person’s own body, lifestyle, daily responsibilities, and training goals often determine the most realistic and suitable nutrition habits.

Back to the eternal question of eating or fasting before exercising to get the biggest bang for the buck.

The purpose of this email is not to engage in further debate. There are more than enough articles and chat groups for that.

Most of us are not professional athletes with a team of coaches and nutritional scientists at our disposal.

And our routines get turned upside down. Regularly.

Kids catch colds, last-minute meetings, visiting relatives…Life of an average Joe can be the most unpredictable.

That’s why I both fast and eat before workouts, depending on the ebb and flow of daily responsibilities and training plans.

Before an easy long run, I’d probably skip eating. Got a big HIIT scheduled? I will definitely eat. After a long day at work and still, need to punch in a 10km tempo? I want a little boost.

That’s why you need workout treats that are DELICIOUS, EFFECTIVE, and, most importantly, CONVENIENT.

Wake up late with no time to make breakfast? Feel very low in energy during a fasted workout and need an emergency pick-me-up? Crave a snack post-run?

RUNIVORE Energy Bars are created with REAL FOOD INSIDE. Tasty! Natural! Powerful!

Mother Nature did the heavy lifting. We just combined the earth’s best ingredients into convenient workout treats. Always keep some in your pantry, gym bag, and work backpack.

To eat or not to eat? My answer is to listen to your body and be prepared with the tastiest energy bars by RUNIVORE.

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