What Made Us Organise the Dream Race

Happiness Happens When You Run

This was a year ago: I was sitting in front of my computer staring out the office window at a panoramic view of Taipei’s gorgeous mountains. 28 degrees Celsius, slightly overcast, gentle breeze, perfect running weather. Then the peacefulness induced by Mother Nature quickly turned into envy. Why? Because I saw a few tiny dots that were runners trotting along the mountain ridge. “I want to get out of the office and hit up some trails too,” I mumbled to myself. Fast forward a year: We quit the corporate grind and started RUNIVORE, which gives us schedule flexibility to run when we need to get in a run. Unfortunately there are still many passionate runners wistfully staring out their office window. They can’t run when they want to and an overseas running vacation seems like a pipe dream. Runners need to run. We run to de-stress, stay healthy, build friendships, see the world, attain peace of mind, challenge our limitations etc…all good things, happy things. In short: HAPPINESS HAPPENS WHEN YOU RUN. This realization is what inspired us to organize the RUNIVORE Dream Race, which awards the winner of a running video contest with a vacation that includes the Tarawera Ultra Marathon in Lake Tarawera, New Zealand. “Happiness happens when you run” is not just a slogan for us. We believe it’s one of the truest statements in running, That’s why we want to share, spread and amplify these positive feelings to those that share our love for running and healthy living. We look forward to watching your running videos and maybe getting in a run together very soon. For more information on the RUNIVORE DREAM RACE, please visit www.runivore.com/DreamRace

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